FRANCE - Université Paris-Saclay

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Country France
City Paris
University Université Paris-Saclay
Type of contract Erasmus+
Contract duration until 2027
Websites Homepage
Contract partner

Contact for inbound exchange students

Stephanie Duchamp:

Other contacts

Who can apply?

B.Sc. and M.Sc.

Average grade: at least 2.3

Which fields of study are offered? Geosciences
Number of outgoings
Language of instruction French
Minimum language level B2
Length of stay At least 1 Semester
Nomination deadline for home university

WS: May 15th

SS: October 30th

Submission deadline for documents from exchange student

WS: May 15th

SS: October 30th

Important! The host institution contacts the students who were nominated by the home university to ask for documents (e.g. learning agreement)

Time of stay / Academic Calendar

Winter term: September - January

Summer term: January - June

Course offer

Earth Science courses B.Sc. and M.Sc.

English courses in Earth Sciences

Guide for choosing courses

Language course French
Further information


Helpful Student Guide


Support website for exchange students

Buddy program