RWTH sustainability award


The Geography Student Council receives the RWTH Sustainability Award

Film evening of the Geography Department In 2018 Copyright: © Geography Student Council

The Geography Student Council has received the RWTH's Sustainability Award (endowed with 12,000€).

In recent years, the geography student council has organised film evenings twice a semester that address current political, social as well as environmentally relevant issues and offer space for discussion in addition to a knowledge input. They have critically examined various topics related to sustainability, such as economic growth, mobility or resources. At their big film evenings, the student council invited experts who then discussed a topic on the podium. The geography student council is currently planning a lecture series on the topic 'How do we want to live? - Geographical perspectives for the future', for which they want to use part of the prize money. Here, too, they want to talk to experts about various future-relevant and sustainable topics.
Further information on the film evenings can be found here.