Scientific Integrity



"The RWTH Aachen lives and promotes a culture of integrity in scientific work. As a place of research, teaching and the promotion of young talent, it assumes institutional responsibility for ensuring that the rules of good scientific practice are respected and that scientific misconduct is detected and punished."


Proof of the module "Scientific Integrity" for the registration of the Master's thesis

Scientific integrity not only involves the teaching and observance of the rules and guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice, but also relates to the entire research process at all stages of scientific qualification. Students who enrol in their master's degree programme at the RWTH Aachen University from the winter semester 2020/21 are pursuant to Section 16 (2) ÜPO obliged to provide proof of the performance of a course on scientific integrity (so-called module module "Scientific Integrity") at the latest in order to register their master's thesis. If this has already been completed as part of a bachelor's or master's degree programme at the RWTH or an equivalent achievement, it does not have to be performed again.

The German Research Society provides an overview of the rules of good scientific practice.

Recognizable exams

For the Master's programs "Applied Geosciences", "Georesource Management" and "Applied Geophysics", the following courses and their examinations are recognized as equivalent of achievement for the module "Scientific Integrity" upon application to the examination board:


In the Master's programme "Applied Geophysics", the module module only affects those students who wish to write their master's thesis at RWTH Aachen University.