After graduation straight to work?!

The alumni of the Division of Earth Sciences and Geography are spread all over the world. The expertise of geoscientists and geographers is in demand all over the world. In addition to exotic workplaces such as drilling rigs in the middle of the rough Atlantic, 200 meters underground in underground construction or in the rainforest of Brazil, there are also many alumni who are employed in engineering offices or authorities in Germany or in other European countries.

Students must complete a four-week internship during their Bachelor's degree. This allows students to take a first look at the geoscientist's/geographer's profession.

The PAG (Praxisinitiative Aachener Geowissenschaftler) organises get-to-know-you events and lectures with employers and helps students apply for internships.

We want to introduce you to the different workplaces in different alumni profiles:

  Dr. Uwe Boester Copyright: © Dr. Uwe Boester

Sustainable environmental management requires interdisciplinarity

Due to his military service, the period between graduation in 2008 and the start of his studies in 2009 was longer than originally planned for Uwe Boester. Enough time to take a look around the study program offers. In 2009, this look around led Uwe to the open day in Aachen at the RWTH. Actually, it was supposed to be a study of chemistry or industrial engineering. eread more

  Copyright: © Jüstel

Search for renewable energies

Alexander Jüstel studied geosciences at the University of Bonn in his bachelor's degree and wrote his bachelor thesis in the field of near-surface geophysics. After his bachelor's degree he went to Tromsø in Norway for one year and completed two Erasmus semesters at the Arctic University of Norway (IUiT) and then attended several courses in Spitsbergen at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) there. read more

  Alex in an iron ore mine Copyright: © Linnea Sidenmark

Alex in an iron ore mine

After graduating from the German School in Stockholm, Alex decided to study electrical engineering at RWTH. However, it was clear to him in the first semester that he didn't find this degree programme particularly exciting. He wanted to study something more practical and happened to find out about the bachelor's degree programme in geo-resource management. read more

  People in office Copyright: © Trianell

From studies to raw materials management

Christoph started studying mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University in 2005, but later decided to switch to another field. Two of his friends were already studying geo-resource management, which attracted his attention to the course. read more

  Copyright: © S. Steffens

Having a look into geodata

Stefanie started studying Georesources Management in Aachen in 2012. She enjoyed the topics addressed and especially GIS, but she felt that something was missing. After a visit to the student advisory service, she then changed to the subject of Applied Geography. Here she was able to further develop her focus on GIS and remote sensing. read more

  Copyright: © F.Stamm

Out of the comfort zone

Fabian completed his Bachelor's degree in Georesources Management at RWTH in the summer semester of 2013 in standard study time. He then went to Norway for a semester and did his master's in 2017, also in Aachen. Today, he is one of the founders of the geo start-up Terranigma Solutions. read more

  Copyright: © M. Giesenow

Happy camels

In 2011, Malte took up the Bachelor's degree program in Georesources Management (GRM) and, after successful completion, also completed the Master's degree in GRM. At the beginning of the master's program, he spent a semester in Mongolia as part of an internship at the "Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit". In October 2016, he finally founded "happy camel". read more

  Copyright: © T. Giesgen

Working in the High North

In 2016, Tobi finished his Bachelor's degree in Georesources Management (GRM). Early on during his Bachelor, Tobi developed a keen interest in geophysics, which then moved him to study Applied Geophysics (AGP) in Delft, Zurich and Aachen. In 2018, Tobi moved to Oslo, where he completed an internship for Equinor. read more

  Copyright: © K. Hentschel

Close to rocks

After successfully completing his Master's degree in Applied Geosciences, Klaus completed internships in Aachen and Weinheim. After a short stop at a tunnel construction site in Stuttgart, Klaus took over the position as operations manager of a diabase quarry in Hesse. read more

  Working at the beach Copyright: © D. Krott

Oecher vs. arabian nights

After graduating from school in 2006, Dieter started studying Applied Geosciences at RWTH Aachen University. During and after his B.Sc. he did internships at WintershallDea (then RWE Dea) in Hamburg before starting the EMR Master's degree. weiterlesen

  Glacier in Iceland Copyright: © M. Reith

Together against difficulties

In October 2010, my Martin started at RWTH with a Bachelor in Georesource Management (GRM). In the fifth semester, he went to Iceland to the Háskóli-Íslands in Reykjavík. There he discovered his enthusiasm for environmental and sustainability issues. read more

  Barbara with helmet Copyright: © B. Wolff

Challenges accepted

In 2005, Barbara started studying for a Bachelor's degree in Georesources Management. The Master's with a focus on EMR was eventually exactly what she was interested in. During the Masters, Barbara became more and more fascinated by the question "Where do I have to drill to find something?", which eventually led her to the trainee programme at Weatherfort. read more