TOP 100 of German Geoscientists


Prof. Littke and Prof. Urai part of the TOP 100 Geoscientists

foto of professor Littke and professor Urai Copyright: © Ralf Littke; Janos Urai

Prof. Ralf Littke is again among the TOP 20 most published German geoscientists in 2023. Based on his publication activities up to 2022, he is ranked 18th out of 407 German geoscientists. The ranking includes the publication data of all geoscientists. However, only scientists with an index value above 30 are listed in the overview.

In addition to Prof. Littke, Prof. Janos Urai (49th place) from the Division of Earth Sciences and Geography at RWTH Aachen University is also among the TOP 100 German geoscientists.

Dr. Bernhard Krooss is ranked 107th and Prof. Lehmkuhl, an interdisciplinary geographer, is ranked 159th in the list of the best German geoscientists. In the ranking of environmental scientists (507 distinguished German scientists), Prof. Schwarzbauer is ranked 395th and is one of three RWTH scientists who made it into this ranking.

Further information on the ranking can be found here.


Ranking of the RWTH Scientists

Across all disciplines, Prof. Littke is ranked 38th among all listed scientists at RWTH Aachen University, while Prof. Janos Urai (54th), Dr. Bernhard Krooß (69th) and Prof. Frank Lehmkuhl (94th) are also among the TOP 100 RWTH scientists.

Further information on the ranking of RWTH scientists can be found here.