Engineering Geohazards (M.Sc.)

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Nina Engels

Study Coordinator


+49 241 80 984 30



The interdisciplinary and international Master of Science program Engineering Geohazards (EGH) will focus in depth on the understanding of the complex nature of natural disasters and on the assessment of their effects from different perspectives. While gaining a deeper insight into the fundamental scientific, engineering and economic aspects of natural hazards, sociological impacts of natural disasters are also integrated. The degree program is taught entirely in English.

Since practice-oriented work is another focus of the Master's program, the regular curriculum includes a research module, which is intended to link contents and provide space for innovative approaches, and an internship, which is either research-based or to be completed in a company/industry. There is also the possibility to carry out a mobility module at one of our partner universities throughout Europe and/or also to attend courses within the geoscientific network of the Aachen/Bonn/Cologne/Jülich research area within the ABC-J module, especially if these courses complement the RWTH Aachen University's offers.

The degree program is concluded with a synthesis achievement in the form of a major research paper (i.e., master’s thesis) in order to develop and document the autonomy in understanding the complex causal structure of natural hazards and the evaluation of the consequences from different perspectives. The thesis may be completed at RWTH Aachen University, a research center, a company, or in industry.