Faculty teaching award 2022 for Prof. Florian Wellmann

  F. Wellmann Copyright: © F. Wellmann

The 2022 Teaching Award of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering in the category "Best Teaching Performance" was awarded to Prof. Wellmann for his courses "Geostatistical Theories, Data and Models", "Machine Learning", "Geostatistical Modelling" and "Structural Geological Models".
The award was nominated by the GeoRes student council, which would like to thank Prof. Wellmann for his commitment to teaching, especially in the field of geostatistics, which is particularly challenging for many students.

By linking the four courses mentioned above, students learn geostatistical correlations easily and playfully. The courses stimulate the students' mathematical understanding. The courses do not only revolve around one topic, but a broad spectrum of statistical and numerical methods is taught to the students.
Prof. Wellmann uses various activating teaching methods during the courses, such as mentimeter mindmaps or surveys, and thus stimulates the students' thinking during the courses.

Even beyond his courses, students appreciate Prof. Wellmann's commitment, e.g. within the framework of the ABC/J Geoverbund and for the joint Master's programme "Applied Geophysics".