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You can choose from a wide range of courses in the fields of geosciences and geography as well as other courses offered by the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Science and RWTH Aachen University.

The Department of Earth Sciences and Geography offers courses from 3 Bachelor and 6 Master programs:


Earth Sciences

Applied Geography B.Sc.

Applied Geosciences B.Sc.

Georesources Management B.Sc.

Applied Geography M.Sc.

Applied Geosciences M.Sc.

Economic Geography M.Sc.

Applied Geophysics M.Sc.

Georesources Management M.Sc.

Engineering Geohazards M.Sc.

Course Catalogue

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In the Department of Geography, only German-taught courses are offered.

In Earth Sciences, on the contrary, there are study programs and specializations in the Master's level that are fully taught in English. Furthermore, there are some individual English-spoken courses in all Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

You can combine courses from both departments. It is not possible to take a Master course as a Bachelor student, but vice versa. Taking a Master course as a Bachelor student is only allowed if this course is integrated in your degree program at your home university.

The course selection takes place via RWTHonline. Here you can access the courses offered by the department based on previous semesters.

Courses from winter term:

Courses from summer term:

A detailed explanation on how to use RWTHonline for course search can be found on the general RWTH website.

For more detailed information about the courses and the course offerings of the departments, please select:


Unfortunately, due to the limited number of participants, we cannot offer you places on the major field trips. It is also not possible for you to participate in courses offered by other faculties unless they are affiliated with our course offerings. In exceptional cases it can be allowed if

  1. the other faculty agrees and
  2. at least 50% of the elected course are from our course offer.

However, this must be arranged before your arrival. In this case please contact one of our contact persons and mention course name, course number and faculty.

Taking German courses is possible before the beginning of the semester and also during the semester. In the case of other foreign languages, it depends on whether there are still places available.