Bachelor's Courses of Study

The Division of Earth Sciences and Geography offers three Bachelor's courses of study:


Geo-study in pictures

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The picture gallery shows photos about the geo-study at the RWTH.

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Facts and figures


students of the Division complete their Bachelor's or Master's degree per year.

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Occupational profile

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Where can I work after graduation? Do I have to specialize in a specialization during my studies?

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What is the future for Geosciences? What can geoscientists learn from the past?

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Tobi studied Georesources Management at RWTH. After graduation, he moved to Norway, where he has been working for Equinor since 2018.

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days travelled the research team around Prof. Reicherter with the research vessel "Meteor" on the Atlantic.

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Science Slam


Thora Schubert, a student of Applied Geosciences at RWTH, explains in her Science Slam how important it is to listen to geoscientists.


Studying Before Graduating High School

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The Division offers high-performing students in secondary school the opportunity to take part in complete courses in selected subjects before graduating high school.

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Going abroad

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You want to combine a stay abroad with your studies? In the Exchanger Stories, students talk about their experiences abroad.

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teaching and research areas are united by the Division. Together with doctoral students and research assistants, they offer over 100 different courses per year.

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