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ICGS Summer School 2023

Handout with pictures Copyright: © IGCS

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) in India, in collaboration with the Technical University Berlin will host the next Summer School and looks forward to welcome 30 PhD and Graduate students from Indian and German Universities.

The Summer School 2023 will take place between July 24th – August 4th 2023 at the Technical University Berlin.

The two weeks program will focus on the technical aspects of integrating different renewable energy sources into the existing power grid as an innovative and potential solution towards a sustainable and clean energy future. The economic, environmental, and social aspects of this system will also be discussed during the school. It brings together students from Indian and German institutions, who will jointly and interactively develop their skills.

Applications are now open and can be submitted here. Application deadline is May 1st at 7 PM CET/ 10:30 PM IST.


IGCS – Motan Workshop 2022

Handout with pictures Copyright: © IGCS

The two-day virtual workshop jointly organized by IGCS and motan was dedicated to support students from Indian and German academic institutions to develop and foster sustainable ideas. This workshop is a continuation of our joint vision: incorporate innovative and sustainable ideas generation in interdisciplinary research, teaching, training and exchange in the area of sustainable development. Together motan and IGCS would like to motivate and support students to conduct research in the area of plastics and the circular economy.

Thus, in 2022, IGCS and motan jointly extended an invitation to be a part of our event. We are always looking for motivated students to carry out a research project or an industry internship supported by motan and the IGCS.

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