Study rooms

  Map © D. Degen  

See general information about study rooms around the main Campus (Campus Mitte) regarding opening hours, number of seats and location here:

Note that opening hours may differ between lecture and lecture-free period.

Here an overview map about the relevant facilities, study rooms and lecture halls:

lecture halls

geoscience faculty:

location Bergbaugebäude: Wüllnerstraße 2

location Lochnerstraße: Lochnerstraße 4 – 20

German Research School: Schinkelstraße 2a

E.ON Research Centre: Mathieustraße 10 (Campus Melaten)

main building: Templergraben 55



SuperC: Templergraben 57

General Students Comitee (AStA): Pontwall 3


study rooms

main library: Templergraben 61

library II: Templergraben 59

Mogam: Kármanstraße 15a

Semi90: Templergraben 90

C.A.R.L.: Claßenstraße

Bergbaugebäude: Wüllnerstraße 2 (4th floor)

E.ON Research Centre: Mathieustraße 10 (computer work spaces)