Welcome Trip


Our Welcome Trip will take place from Friday, October 4, till Saturday, October 5, 2019.


Order of events

In the table below, an overview of the planned activities is given. Be aware that some details may change. On Friday, we will have more scientific activities at the Research Center Jülich (FZ Jülich). Possibly, we will have a quick stop at a viewpoint on the coal surface mine Inden. This depends on the time, since we cannot arrive at the hostel too late. At the evening we will have a relaxed evening together at the hostel. If you have any games or something similar, we can play together, feel free to bring them. On Saturday, we will have a city tour in Monschau, a nice little city in the Eifel Mountains. In the afternoon, we will get some insights in the local geology during a geological excursion in the woods near Aachen. Due to the hiking through the woods and we don’t know any weather magic, you should bring rain-proof clothes and good shoes.

There is no fixed ending time on Saturday, but we expect it to end about 19:00. You can either drive home with us or take the public bus if need to leave earlier.

We are preparing food, drinks and snacks for the trip.

Joining later

If you cannot join from the beginning, you can come to the hostel by bus. The bus line SB66 leaves every 30 minutes at Aachen Bushof (at :00 and :30) and arrives at the stop Hargard approximately one hour later. The hostel (Hargardsgasse 5, 52156 Monschau) is very close to the bus station.

What you should bring​

  • Warm rain-proof clothes and good shoes

  • Towel

  • If you have: Some games for the evening

  • If you have: Geologist’s hammer, magnifying glass

Further remarks

I expect that bed sheets will be provided by the hostel. If I find you that this is not correct, I’ll let you know.
Alcohol is not allowed in the hostel.

We are looking forward to a fun weekend with you!


Sequence of events





October 5th


Start of our trip





FZ Jülich



Talks about Scientific Computing, Hydrogeophysical Imaging and EMI

FZ Jülich



Visit Supercomputer facilities

FZ Jülich



Visit of the Selhausen Testsite including Rhizotron facilities

Near FZ Jülich



(Viewpoint at the coal surface mine Inden. This is still under discussion, due to limited time)

(Near FZ Jülich)


18:30 – 19:00

Arrival at the hostel


October 6th


City Tour in Monschau




Geological excursion

Freizeitgelände Walheim




Freizeitgelände Walheim



Arrival in Aachen