Overview of AGP courses

In the third semester of the Applied Geophysics Masters at RWTH Aachen the students have to complete at least 25 credit points, as in every semester. These 25 credit points consist of core modules and electives.

Due to the different interests of the students, the range of courses offered at RWTH Aachen University is very diverse and broad. The diagram below shows all courses and classifies them into four different paths (Applied Geophysics, Numerical Modeling, Geology, Economics). In the first category “Applied Geophysics” the emphasis is on geophysical methods in the fields of, for instance, Petrophysics, Hydro- and Engineering Geophysics, and Environmental Sciences. The category of “Numerical Modeling” focuses on fundamental and advanced numerical and mathematical methods applicable in the entire field of Geophysics, as well as highlights the specific needs for numerical modeling in reservoir engineering applications. With the third and fourth category, the horizons of geophysical applications are extended to the geological and economical applications since interdisciplinarity is a key expertise of Geophysicists.These paths are only an orientation and the students can choose their courses independently of these paths. However, at least 3 of the 6 core modules must also be taken at RWTH Aachen University. Furthermore, it should be noted that the blue "elective" courses can only be chosen as pairs (correspondingly either 2,4,6,8 out of 8).

Detailed information about the study content and -goals as well as the examination forms can be found in the module catalogue and the curriculum.

The enrolment for the courses is made via RWTH Online. Please note the registration deadlines for courses with a limited capacity.