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In the table below, you find all the important dates and appointments for your semester in Aachen. Be aware, that some of the dates are not yet fixed, but we do our best to update the schedule regularly.

Information & Application E-Mail Housing

Beginning of April

E-Mail containing all information about the housing in Aachen and the application process

Deadline housing application

End of April

Deadline for the application of the reserved rooms in Aachen (more information)

Assignment of student accommodation

2nd week of May

Assignment of the rooms according to their given preferences (international students favoured)

Information Event about Aachen term

End of May

Prof. Wellmann visits ETH Zurich:

Presentation about Aachen term and signing of the housing contracts

Start registration period for courses

October 1, 2020


Start of the registration period for the courses offered at RWTH (be aware that some courses from external institutes could open their registration later)

End registration period for courses with limited capacity  and unlimited capacity

October 26, 2020

End of the registration period for the courses with limited and unlimited capacity (be aware that there is no possibility to register for that courses later on)

Welcome week for international students

September 1 to October 23, 2020

Voluntary welcome week to guide you through your first steps in Aachen and help you navigate your transition to the University – academically, personally, and socially.

Welcome presentation Aachen

End of October

Laid-back welcome presentation with up-to-date information about the term in Aachen

Semester start

October 1, 2020

Official start of the semester (be aware that lectures start at a later point in time)

Block courses (elective)

November 7-8, November 14-15, 2020

Some elective courses are offered as block courses:

Energy Resources Management

Start registration language courses

October 2020

Start of the registration period for language courses including German and foreign languages (more information)

Lectures commence

October 26, 2020

Start of the lecture period (exercises and tutorials usually start one week later)

Access to Master’s thesis topics

October 12, 2020

Students will get access to the Master’s thesis portal, where they can preview the topics

All Saints’ Day

November 1, 2020

Public holiday (no lectures)

Registration for exams November 1-30, 2020 Period for the registration for exam (be aware that you have to register for both, the lecture and the exam separately)

Master’s thesis presentation day

November 6, 2020

Presentation day, where supervisors from all universities and companies visit Aachen to present their projects (this year as an online event)

Deadline for choosing Master’s thesis project

November 10, 2020

Deadline for choosing a Master’s thesis topic (via the online portal)

Final assignment of Master’s thesis topics

November 13, 2020

Assignment of the master thesis topics (Information E-Mail with your Master’s thesis topic)

Christmas holidays

December 23, 2020– January 5, 2021

public holidays (no lectures)

End of lecture period / Beginning of exam period

February 12, 2021

The end of the lecture period (also exercises and tutorials end here) and the start of the exam period

End of exam period

Beginning of March 2021*

Last exam of the Applied Geophysics semester in Aachen

(be aware that this depends on your choice of courses)

Start of Master’s thesis projects

March 1, 2021

Fixed date where all students start with their Master’s thesis at a university of their choice

Delivery of Master's thesis reports August 6, 2021 End of Master's thesis projects
Master's thesis defenses August 16-20, 2021  
Graduation cermony August 27, 2021  


* likely (fixed dates will follow)