Admission with stipulations

Your Examination Board can accept your application for a Master's course of study under stipulations up to 30 ECTS. The stipulations can be completed during your Master's course of study but have to be fulfilled before registering your Master's Thesis.


§ 3 Abs. 6 of the ÜPO (Status: 04.02.2021) :

"The respective responsible Examination Board can combine admission to a Master's course with conditions. Any conditions that may have been issued must be proven at the latest when registering for the Master's thesis, unless an earlier point in time is specified in the course-specific examination regulations based on the course content completed as part of the previous degree. The subject of a requirement can only be modules or examinations from a Bachelor's degree at RWTH. As a rule, requirements should be issued in the language of the Master's degree. The requirements in §§ 10 to 15 generally apply. Provided that the requirements of § 13 are met, examinations performed after the application date can be submitted to the responsible Examination Board for conditions imposed by the applicant be acknowledged. Additional requirements are not shown on the certificate, do not appear in the Transcript of Records and are not included in the calculation of grades. Edition examinations are certified separately. In the course-specific examination regulations, an upper limit for the scope of the requirements to be fulfilled can be set, beyond which admission to the Master’s course can no longer be granted. In addition, the areas or the number of areas from which conditions can be met can be defined. "


Allocation of stipulations

Stipulations are allocated by the examination board responsible for your course of study individually for each case based on your previous studies. In general, stipulations are determined by comparing the admission requirements in the examination regulation (PO) with your completed classes listed on your transcript of records handed in with your application. If there are classes which should be considered for determining the stipulations but are not listed on the transcript of records, these will not be taken into account. An exemption from this rule are classes which have not been completed at the time of registration. Proof of completion of such classes may be handed in after enrollment through a request at your examination board.

Stipulations can only consist of Bachelor level classes and are listed on your letter of acceptance. If the stipulations are only defined by a certain field (e.g. 5 ECTS in mathematical, chemical, and physical modules) you can choose freely from several possible stipulations. These should, however, reflect your field of specialisation.


Registration for and Listing of Stipulations

In principle, it is possible to register for stipulations via RWTHonline, provided that it has been activated by the Zentrales Prüfungsamt (ZPA). If it is not possible to register via RWTHonline, please contact the ZPA during the registration period.

The conditional examinations are not shown on the certificate, do not appear in the grade list and are not included in the grade calculation. The conditional examinations will be certified separately.


Request for Recognition of Stipulations

When you have fulfilled all your stipulations, you have to make a request at your examination board for the recognition of the stipulations. This request should be handed in before registering the Master's Thesis. As attachments to this request, you should provide your acceptance letter and a proof of the completion of the stipulations, e.g. a transcript of records.