Praxisinitiative (PAG)

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The PAG (Praxisinitiative Aachener Geowissenschaftler) is an institution at the RWTH Aachen, sponsored by funds of quality improvement, to in any questions on the subject of work placements.

The main task of the PAG is managing the data base of geoscientific work placements (to this date more than 300 company contacts), giving advice to students and organising PAG-events (events to inform students about potential working possiblilities for geoscientists).


Office hour

Students can benefit of a wide range of information on practical issues in geosciences, which the PAG shares during its office hours. Frequently asked questions are about the bachelor's internship, searching companies or formalities of applications. There is a database with 400 companies and institutions where it is possible to search precisely in each case; for example, regional or international companies, public institutions or private companies, hydrogeology or geophysics etc.

Office hours for summer term 2023 are every Friday from 9:30am to 1:30 pm in person or via Zoom:

by arrangement:

Location: Bergbaugebäude, Wüllnerstr. 2, Room 319