Teaching Award of the Student Council

Teaching awardees 2023 Copyright: © Tobias Fußwinkel, Jochen Hürtgen, Juliana Troch The teaching awardees of 2023

Since 2010, the teaching award of the teaching unit Applied Geosciences of RWTH Aachen University is awarded by the student council Fachschaft GeoRes. The awardees are chosen yearly by students and traditionally announced on the GeoTag. The award is financed through the quality improvement fund.

The award generally consists of the following three categories:

  • Best teaching
  • Best innovations in teaching / Teaching foster award
  • Outstanding perfomances

The awardee may use the prize money as they like. However, the general rules and regulations concerning the use of the quality improvement fund must be observed.


Overview of all past teaching awards

Year Category Awardee
2023 Best teaching for his special commitment in the course "Geological Field Methods" with which he inspires the students for the field methods, which is always reflected in the particularly positive feedback from the students. Dr. Jochen Hürtgen
Best Newcomer for her refreshing teaching with which she created interest and joy in learning among the students, especially in the course "Introduction to Mineralogy". Jun.-Prof. Juliana Troch
Best teaching concept for the practical and modern design of the courses "Mineral Exploration" and "Modeling Techniques in Economic Geology", their interactive teaching concept, and the comprehensible teaching of complex course content. Dr. Tobias Fußwinkel
2022 Best teaching for her general commitment to students as well as the redesign of the courses - especially on scientific integrity in the seminars "Bringing Ideas to Paper" and "Scientific Discussion". Dr. Anja Dufresne
Best newcomer for the new impulses in Crystallography, which she is already energetically implementing in her first year. Prof. Mirijam Zobel
Best teaching concept for the successful mixture of traditional and modern didactic methods in the lecture "Petroleum Geochemistry". Prof. Ralf Littke


Best teaching for his interactive and effective teaching methods as well as his high level of commitment and comprehensible communication of complex content.

Vertret.-Prof. Dr. Florian Wagner

Best innovation in teaching for its interactive teaching content and particularly good implementation of online teaching. Above all, the students positively emphasise the fast and distinct flow of communication, but also the feeling of having been live on site and having really taken something away from the event despite the distance. Dr. Piero Bellanova
Special contribution to teaching for their involvement in the subjects "Introduction to GIS" and "Remote Sensing". Thanks to their involvement, teaching could be made practical and sustainably improved even during the pandemic. Dr. Jochen Hürtgen und Vanessa Steinritz (M.Sc.)

Outstanding performances for her engagement in the mapping course GRM, in which she brings particularly heart, soul and a large portion of enthusiasm for geology.

Dr. Margret Mathes-Schmidt

Best innovation in teaching for the professional studio setup at the CGRE and the excellent administration during online lectures, which enables students to attend them with excellent sound quality and support.

Prof. Florian Wellmann, Denise Degen (M.Sc.), Jan von Harten (M.Sc.)

Best teaching for his interactive courses "Mineral Exploration" and "Modeling Techniques", in which, in addition to conveying the complex teaching content in an understandable way, he always responded to the wishes of the students. In addition, for the constant updating of the event and for the adaptation to new functions of the Leapfrog software, so that the students receive a modern and practical training.

Dr. Tobias Fußwinkel
2019 Outstanding performances for his commitment and support of student interest in examination boards, the commission for quality improvement funds distribution, and as dean of studies as well as constantly adapting his courses so that every student understands the basics of organic geochemistry. Prof. Dr. Jan Schwarzbauer
Best teaching for his interactive approach in teaching Optical Microscopy I and II and his patience in making sure every student understands the topic at hand, making each lecture a pleasure to visit. Hannes Claes, Ph.D.
Best teaching for his well conceived and skilful combination of the contents of his lectures General Geology and Petrology including the "staircase field trips" to the Aachen Blaustein, and for his appreciation of student's opinion when improving his lecture concepts. Dr. Christoph von Hagke
2018 Outstanding performances for his illustrative teaching concepts, which maintain a healthy balance between comprehensible instruction and scientific challenge, as well as the constant search for new and innovative teaching ideas. Prof. Florian Wellmann, Ph.D.
Best teaching for his bustling way of inspiring students, his interactive way of lecturing, as well as his sophisticated explanations, which all together allow student understanding and interest to grow. Dr. Lars Peters
Teaching foster award as a sign of student appreciation of his enthusiasm during lectures and with the hope that this drive is not lost in future semesters. Prof. Dr. Thomas Wagner

Outstanding performances for her cheerful way of teaching, her engagement at the Crystallographic Institute, in the geo-magazine Kompass, and at the examination board AGW.

Antje Hirsch (M.Sc.)

Best teaching for his enthusiastic way of inspiring and motivating students and teaching geology in the field.

PD Dr. Stefan Back

Best innovations in teaching for his course "Numerical Reservoir Engineering", where he manages to convey a complex topic in a vivid and passionate way.

Prof. Florian Wellmann, Ph.D.


Outstanding performances for his unremitting commitment to the interests of students in examination boards, the Division and the quality improvement fund committee.

Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Rüde

Best teaching for the field course "Structural Geology" in Oman

Prof. Dr. Janos Urai, Dr. Christoph von Hagke, and Arne Grobe (M.Sc.)

Outstanding performances in the field of supervising students during classes, field courses, and theses.

Dr. Tomas Fernandez-Steeger

Best teaching for the course "Reservoir Quality Prediction Modelling"

Anett Hufe (M.Sc.)

Best innovations in teaching in the field of using digital microscopy during classes

Prof. Dr. Janos Urai


Best teaching for the course "Applied Geophysics I/II"

Dr. Norbert Klitzsch

Outstanding performances for his commitment for student needs as head of the examination board for the bachelor's degree Georesources Management.

Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Rüde


Best teaching for the course "Well Log Analysis"

Dr. Lars Reuning

Teaching foster award for the course "Rock and Mineral Description"

Dr. Barbara Mösle


Best teaching for the course "Geological Mapping"

PD Dr. Stefan Back

Best innovations in teaching for his use of sandbox models in different courses

Prof. Dr. Janos Urai

Outstanding performances

Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Rüde


Best teaching for the course "Geology of Oil and Natural Gas I/II"

Prof. Dr. Ralf Littke

Best innovations in teaching for his course "Acid Mining Waters"

Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Rüde

Outstanding performances for his exceptional commitment to students during the course "Geological Mapping"

PD Dr. Stefan Back


Best teaching

Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Rüde

Outstanding performances

Prof. Dr. Klaus Reicherter


Past teaching awardees