All students of the Bachelor programmes Applied Geosciences and Georesources Management are obligated to absolve a minimal 4 weeks work placement until the end of its bachelor studies.
The work placement shall give insights and orientation into working possibilities of geo-jobs in the last third of the bachelor programme. For that reason, it is not allowed to affirm work placements, which were done before the study start.
A report must be handed in not later than 3 months after the end of the work placement to achieve the 5 credit points.

The Praxisinitiative Aachener Geowissenschaftler (PAG) offers a data base of work placements with contacts of potential working possibilities and consultation in every way. In Drittsemestermentorium (3.semester tutorial) there is an event to inform about planning and application processes for the work placement.

Examination regulations (attachment 3) of the work placement in bachelor programme


Minimal 4 weeks (partioning is not possible), recommended for the 4. Semester

Activity field

The field must be in sensible context to the bachelor-study, possible also in foreign countries.

Credits 5 CP
Grades The work placement is not going to be graded, there will be just a “passed” in the bachelors certificate.


It is not allowed to absolve the work placement in leave of absence.

  1. Report (2-4 pages of the content of the work placement and personal conclusion in view of professional orientation)
  2. Certificate about the proof of completion from the company

Submission of the verification

No later than 3 months after completing the work placement in the secretariat of Prof. Kukla with Ms. Riemann (). Please register via RWTHonline for one of three possible dates per semester and submit the necessary documents in time. The grade entry ("passed") takes place promptly after the respective date, provided that the documents have been submitted in full.


You can find some templates in Formularschrank:

  1. Request of verification for the work placement
  2. Certificate of proof of completion from the company