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The Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation) is the oldest and largest foundation for the promotion of gifted students in the Federal Republic of Germany. Supported by funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as other governmental and non-governmental sponsors, 13 organizations for the promotion of gifted students in Germany provide financial and non-material support to particularly talented and committed students and doctoral candidates.

Already since the end of 2019, Prof. Klaus Reicherter from the Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Neotektonik und Georisiken has been volunteering as a trusted lecturer for the students of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering in the service of the German National Academic Foundation. Since the end of 2021, Prof. Carmella Pfaffenbach from the Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Kulturgeographie is now also volunteering as a new trusted lecturer for the students of the faculty.

Each lecturer supervises an interdisciplinary group of up to 15 students. These lecturers are available to their group of scholarship holders for confidential and open discussions beyond the regular university activities, across disciplinary boundaries and outside of examination-relevant performance records. This applies to questions of individual study and career planning as well as to specific questions of financial support and applications for additional scholarships. Currently, the Studienstiftung sponsors more than 12,700 students and about 1,300 doctoral candidates; the number of new admissions is about 2,400 students and about 400 doctoral candidates per year. The sponsorship is open to all courses of study and all types of higher education institutions.

How exactly does one become a Trusted Lecturer for the Studienstiftung?

Prof. Reicherter: There are various ways: I was approached directly by my colleague Prof. Rink, who heads the Aachen group of trusted lecturers. Through various offices, such as heading various examination boards, the Erasmus+ as well as international university relations sometimes bring me very close to our students. And that's why I spontaneously accepted and took the job.

Were you yourself a scholarship holder during your studies?

Prof. Reicherter: No.

What do students have to bring with them in order to be sponsored by the Studienstiftung?

Prof. Reicherter: For example, a very good Abitur, or very good performance in the first semesters (including the master's program). More about the requirements can be read here

What are the benefits for students who are sponsored by the Studienstiftung?


Academic Scholarship Foundation

"The German Academic Scholarship Foundation is characterized by the diversity of its fellows. They represent the entire spectrum of political, religious, and ideological attitudes that are within the framework of the democratic system of values. We encourage our fellows to take a well-founded stand and to stand up for their own convictions, while at the same time treating other people with tolerance and respect and engaging with their points of view in a spirit of critical openness.

The academies, scientific colleges, doctoral forums and other events offer spaces for scientific or artistic deepening, interdisciplinary dialogue, intellectual stimulation and the broadening of intellectual horizons. We encourage confrontation with new ideas and invite critical reflection and further development of one's own points of view. A comprehensive range of scholarships and language courses and appropriate counseling make it easier for our scholarship holders to take the step abroad and to come to terms with other cultures and ways of life. Seminars on career prospects and mentoring offers from our alumni provide orientation for the time after graduation. 

Our scholars help shape the life of the Scholarship Foundation: They have the opportunity to offer their own program at their university or to organize seminars and excursions. The Scholarship Foundation provides organizational and financial support for this purpose. Elected scholarship holders' spokespersons are the contact persons for the scholarship holders at their university, but also for the liaison lecturers and the office. 

With our support, we create scope for stimulation and encounters, for challenges and the unexpected, for new ideas and projects. The financial support also contributes to this: the basic support for students, the doctoral scholarships, and the international support."



Prof. Reicherter: The advantages clearly lie in networking and diversity in the talent development of the individual scholarship holders. This is made possible by financial support, but also by a wide range of courses (language courses, scientific colleges, meetings abroad).

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