GRM MSc: SPO 15 - 19


On this page you can find all information concerning the switch to PO 19.


Important dates and files

Start of the SPO 19: October 1, 2019
Legally binding information:
Transitional regulations regarding the SPO 15: Completion of a degree under the SPO 15 is possible before September 30, 2021 (= submission of the last examination). After this deadline, all students still enrolled under SPO 15 will automatically be transferred to the SPO 19.
Short summary of the most important changes:
  • Several changes regarding stipulations and admission requirement
  • An internship is not a programme requirement any more
  • New structure in the mandatory modul "Laws for Advanced Learners"
  • New englisch modules and a new research module for the specialisation "Environmental Management" (UMA)
  • The specialisation „Resource Management“ (ROM) became „Resource and Energy Management“ (REM)
Switching exam regulations:

By submitting a request at the examinations board it is possible to switch to the new exam regulations

  • by July 31 for the following winter semester
  • by December 31 for the following summer semester

Please find the template in the forms and template collection .

Equivalence regulations:

Equivalence regulations

The equivalence regulations are attached to the examination regulations.