Field trips 2022


Fieldtrip plan 2022

Period Destination Professorship Target group
20.02 to 07.03.2022 Oman NUG Master Geosciences
13.05.2022 Talsperrenverbund Eifel LIH Bachelor Geosciences
13.05.2022 Wurmtal LIH Bachelor Geosciences
20.05 to 22.05.2022 Luxembourg LIH Bachelor Geosciences
06.06 to 11.06.2022 Nördlinger Ries NUG Bachelor Geosciences
07.06 to 12.06.2022 Feldkurs Geophysik und Hydrogeologie LIH, CGGR Master Geosciences
10.06.2022 Wurmtal LIH Bachelor Geosciences
25.06.2022 Aachen and surroundings LEK Bachelor Geosciences
26.06.2022 Aachen and surroundings LEK Bachelor Geosciences
26.07 to 28.07.2022 Lanslides Rhein-Mosel LIH Master Geosciences
08.08 to 19.08.2022 Großvenediger LIH, CGGR Master Geosciences
09.08.2022 Volcanism in Eastern Eifel, Laacher See LEK Bachelor Geosciences
29.08 to 04.09.2022 Southern Germany LEK Master Geosciences
31.08. to 09.09.2022 Malta and Gozo DigiHum Bachelor Geography
11.09. to 25.09.2022 India EconGeo Bachelor Geography
12.09. bis 23.09.2022 Canary Islands KulturGeo Bachelor Geography
12.09 to 18.09.2022 Allgäu CGRE Master Geosciences
13.09 to 23.09.2022 Alps LIH Master Geosciences
13.09 to 23.09.2022 Regionalseminar: Denmark PGG Bachelor Geography
19.09 to 24.09.2022 Zugspitze, Loisachtal LIH Master Geosciences
19.09 to 29.09.2022 Southern Germany and Alps KlimaGeo Bachelor Geography
19.09 to 25.09.2022 Greece NUG Master Geosciences
03.10 to 09.10.2022 Southern Spain NUG Master Geosciences
21.10 to 23.10.2022 Östliches Hochsauerland LIH Bachelor Geosciences

Only excursions lasting longer than one day are listed. The excursions of the subject Geological Field Methods and the Geological Mapping Course for AGW and GRM are not listed.