Grade registration


Grades for field courses

Grades for module-based field courses are entered directly into RWTHonline via the offering professor and thus also appear directly in RWTHonline.


Field courses in bachelor

Rock record behind grass surface Copyright: © GuG

In the case of the freely selectable field courses, these are assigned to the following field clusters in the course schedules in the bachelor's degree programs:

- Regional Geology for Beginners (min. 2 days)
- Regional geology for advanced students I/II (min. 3 days)
- Geoscience Applications and Processes in the Field I/II/III (min. 1 day)
- Site Investigation (min. 3 days)
- Sedimentology (min. 2 days)

Students may choose from a variety of offerings below the clusters specified in their respective degree plan. The corresponding grades are then entered into RWTHonline via the offering professorship and are then visible accordingly.


Field courses in master

Stones at the beach Copyright: © GuG

In the master's programs, students can also choose from a wide range of free field courses. The minimum number of field days to be completed can be found in the respective curriculum. The overall grade for the field education is then calculated from the average of the partial grades weighted according to the number of field days. If a partial grade is 5.0, this results in a fail for the overall examination performance.
Grades for each field day are collected in the Geology Department office. As soon as all field days have been completed and evaluated, the students can apply for grade forwarding and the final overall grade will be forwarded to the ZPA for entry in RWTHonline.