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rock record of a field trip Copyright: © GuG

Due to climatic reasons, the geoscientific terrain training is mainly offered in the summer semesters. The range of terrain courses that can be recognized according to the respective examination regulations can be found in RWTHonline under the Curriculum Support in the respective module. Offers of external or non-geoscientific providers are not recognized - except in the case of a semester abroad.

Students who are duly enrolled at RWTH Aachen University and who are not on leave are legally insured against accidents within the scope of their studies by the Unfallkasse NRW. Due to § 48 Abs. 5 Hochschulgesetz NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia Higher Education Act), students on leave of absence are generally not admitted to off-campus courses.

The costs of the off-road training vary depending on the duration and regional destination of the off-road event between 0 euros (e.g. one-day off-road events in Aachen and the surrounding area), several hundred euros (e.g. off-road events lasting several days in Germany and Europe) or even a thousand euros (e.g. off-road events lasting several weeks outside Europe). Part of the cross-country training is subsidized. It is recommended to calculate expenses for off-road events of about 500 Euro per year. The estimated costs for the respective field event (calculated without subsidies) are issued in RWTHonline and are available at registration.