Exam conditions


examination performance

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Due to the nature of the subject, attendance is compulsory in field events, which is why registration for the field event is simultaneously linked to registration for the corresponding examination performance.

In order to be able to participate in the examination, it is necessary to register for the entire duration of the field event. The examination is scheduled for the last day of the field event. In the event that the course takes place over two semesters, students must be registered for both semesters. For insurance reasons, students are not permitted to take a leave of absence while participating in field events.

The exact form of the examination performance is specified in the respective examination regulations in the curriculum. In the case of possible alternative forms of examination, the lecturer will announce the corresponding form(s) of examination in good time. A non-appearance in a field event as well as a non-timely submission of the examination performance(s) will therefore result in a grade of 5.0.