Submission procedure


Three copies of the thesis must be submitted to the Central Examination Office (ZPA) in person, by post or via the deadline letterbox (on the right-hand side of the main building after the entrance to the bistro) by the deadline. If the thesis is to be sent by post, it must be ensured that it is received by the Central Examination Office (ZPA) by the deadline. As a rule, printed and bound copies (glue binding) should be submitted. In addition, submission on a data carrier as a PDF can be provided for.

Together with the bound copies, a separate written affidavit must be submitted by the candidate stating that he or she has written the thesis in his or her own hand and has not used any sources or aids other than those stated. If applicable, the declaration must also contain the agreement of the written and electronic version.

If a logo is used on the cover page of the thesis, the declaration on the use of the logo must be submitted with the thesis. Further information on the use of logos can be found on the website of the Central Examination Office (ZPA).

Further formal requirements (e.g. fonts, line spacing, page count) must be discussed with the examiners.