Topic & Examiner


The topic of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis is determined in consultation with the designated first and/or second examiner of the thesis. For this purpose, it is possible to choose a topic advertised in a professorship or to submit one's own topic proposal. In addition to classic literature work, work in the field and laboratory as well as in the field of geoinformatics is also possible. It is also possible to write theses abroad or in cooperation with external institutions, provided that an examiner can be found.

The thesis is always graded equally by two examiners. The grade for the thesis is calculated from the arithmetic mean of the individual grades, provided the difference is not more than 2.0. Other persons (e.g. doctoral students) may participate in the supervision. The appointment of examiners is made by the examination committees.

The following requirements apply to the appointment of examiners:

  • First examiner: University professor (including adjunct/junior/guest/honorary professors) or habilitated staff from the Department of Earth Sciences and Geography at RWTH Aachen University. In justified exceptional cases related to the task of the thesis, the examination board may, upon application of the student, appoint a person teaching in the degree programme with the qualification named in the first sentence as the first examiner.
  • Second examiner: University professor (including adjunct/junior/guest/honorary professors) or habilitated employees of RWTH Aachen University. Doctoral research assistants of RWTH Aachen University as well as external supervisors who usually hold at least a doctorate can be appointed as second examiners under certain circumstances if the student submits a justified application to the examination board.

Further information on theses and possible topics can be found on the corresponding websites of the individual professorships of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geography.