Studying Before Graduating High School

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Since 2002, RWTH Aachen University has been offering particularly high-performing students in secondary school the opportunity to take part in complete courses in selected subjects before graduating high school. The aim is for students to reflect on their decision to study and decide on an individually suitable course of study.

Before starting to attend courses, an advisory meeting must be arranged with the . The coordination office provides support in planning, organising participation, assessing requirements and deciding on the subject of study. An appointment is then made with the relevant departmental coordinator so that subject-specific questions, among other things, can be clarified. The departmental coordinators also provide information on the participation modalities of the individual departments as well as on the requirements for the recognition of examination results.

Further information on the study programmes of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geography

Further information on studying before your high school graduation


Geographical, Geoscientific and Georesources Management Classes

The following table provides an overview over the geographical and geoscientific classes offered in the first three semesters for students of Applied Geography, Applied Geosciences and Georessoures Management. Before you start attending classes, you must arrange a consultation with the Coordination Office for Student Programs.

  Applied Geography Applied Geosciences Georessources Management
In the winter semester
  • Cartography
  • Climatology
  • Geomorphology
  • Geostastitic
  • Industrial Geography
  • Spatial Planning
  • Introduction to Geology
  • Introduction to Mineralogy
  • Evolution of the Earth
  • Rock Description
  • Introduction to Crystallography
  • Mineral Description
  • Introduction to Geology
  • Introduction to Mineralogy
  • Evolution of the Earth
  • Rock Description
  • Mineral Description
  • Climatology
In the summer semester
  • Agricultural Geography
  • Service Geography
  • Soil- und Biogeography
  • Urban- and Populationgeography
  • Geological Methods and Mapping
  • Introduction to Organic Geochemistry
  • Geography of Soils and Biogeography
  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Introduction to Organic Geochemistry
  • Primary Raw Materials








Schedule for pupils

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1) Participation in an information event organised by the Central Student Advisory Office and/or contacting the Central Student Advisory Office.

2) Submit your application documents to the Central Student Advisory Service.

3) Make an appointment with the contact person for the respective subject (if necessary, contact the Central Student Advisory Office for organisational questions).

4) Submit the application form to the Central Student Advisory Office.

5) The Central Student Advisory Service will send you a registration link and a welcome package.

6) Registration via registration link

7) Notify the contact person of the respective subject that registration has taken place.

8) After successful registration: registration for recommended courses by contact person

9) Participation in selected events

10) Issue and collection of the participation certificate

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Industry of the future

The topics that will become more relevant for geoscientists in the next decades are diverse and challenging at the same time. Due to the change to a sustainable energy policy, completely new topics and questions arise, such as the final disposal of nuclear waste or CO2 storage. Other important topics are energy storage, battery technology and the associated lithium extraction. read more


Miriam Klein

Study Advisor B.Sc. and Applied Geography as well as minor subjects