Mentoring programme

Within the project Excellent Teaching & Learning, RWTH Aachen University has set itself the goal of continuously improving the teaching and studyability of its courses. A central measure for this is the nationwide Aachen Mentoring Program, which supplements the advisory services of the individual faculties with mentors from the departments. In our department we have been offering mentoring since 2010 in Applied Earth Sciences and since 2012 in Geography.

Our mentoring interviews are confidential, voluntary and personal counselling interviews between a mentor and a mentee (student). Our basic concern is to support the mentee in his or her personal study situation. The aim of the discussions is therefore to gain clarity about one's own situation, to concretize one's own goals and then to recognize potential for improvement and one's own strengths and to mobilize them towards one's own goals.

We mentors see ourselves as dialogue partners and coaches for your questions concerning your everyday study life. In addition, we act as a guide to further advice centres and offers within and outside the RWTH.