Master's Courses of Study

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The Master of Science (M.Sc.) is a second academic degree which is oriented to natural sciences or arts. The master's degree program, based on a bachelor's degree, enables the students to scientific work and methodology and imparts theoretical-analytical skills. The graduates shall adapt themselves openly and creatively to new conditions in their professional life. The Master's degree qualifies and entitles to the subsequent doctorate. In Europe, in the context of the Bologna process to facilitate the mobility and international competitiveness, a three-cycle system (usually referred to as Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees) is striven for standardization of university degrees, since 2001. The faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering has implemented the Bologna agreements as of winter term 2005/2006 and offers six two-year Master´s courses of 120 ECTS each:

Applied Geography (M.Sc.)

Applied Geosciences (M.Sc.)

Applied Geophysics (M.Sc.)

Engineering Geohazards (M.Sc.)

Georesources Management (M.Sc.)

Economic Geography (M.Sc.)