Bachelor's Courses of Study

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The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is a first academic degree which is awarded by a certificate after the completion of the course of study. The bachelor´s degree program qualifies for a profession and entitles to a subsequent master program. The division of Geosciences and Geography (GuG) offers scientific courses in field of Applied Geosciences and Georesource Management, as well as a sociology-oriented course in field of Applied Geography. In Europe, in the context of the Bologna process to facilitate the mobility and international competitiveness, a three-cycle system (usually referred as Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees) is striven for standardization of university degrees, since 2001. In the light of the creation of a unified European higher education system, the Bologna Process includes the introduction of a common credit system called the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system shall ensure that the achievements of students at higher education institutions in the Higher Education Area are comparable and that they are able to change (internationally) from one university to another. This is made possible by the study-accompanying acquisition of credit points, which can be earned by course assessments like examinations, seminars, papers, presentations and so on. The faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering has implemented the Bologna agreements as of winter term 2005/2006 and has offered three three-year Bachelor´s courses of 180 ECTS each:

Applied Geography (B.Sc.)

Applied Geosciences (B.Sc.)

Georesource Management (B.Sc.)


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