Applied Geosciences (M.Sc.)

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This course of study conveys extensive expertise of the concepts of “Applied Geosciences”. It leads to scientific qualification and independency in this specific field of study.

Being a graduate in “Applied Geosciences” means you can handle complex problem positions. You are qualificated in generating and implementing laboratory work, field work, and numeric process simulations for geoscientific modelling.

The course of study “Applied Geosciences” at RWTH Aachen University is divided into three independent field of specialization, which focus on practise:

  1. Geoengineering (GIN) 
  2. Applied Mineralogy and Crystallography (AMC)
  3. Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR)

The offered range of specialisation is complemented by field trips, practical exercises on computer, and laboratory work. In the end of each path of specialisation, a master thesis completes the master's study.