Structure of study at RWTH Aachen University


Expanding the geoscientific knowledge obtained during the bachelor course of study, students of our Master's programme Georesources Management aquire intensified knowledge in different fields. These include data management, water management, assessment of natural hazards, as well as insights into juridical or financial aspects. During the first semester, the students decide for a specialisation in the field of “Resource Management” or “Environmental Management”. Please note that this course of study is mostly taught in German.


Resources and Energy Managment

  • Detailed knowledge of raw material management, including the environmental impact
  • Knowledge on the formation and structure of hydrocarbon deposits, mineral deposits, and coal deposits
  • Knowledge on economic aspects of mineral and energy resources production chains
  • Elementary knowledge of numerical simulation techniques in field of hydrocarbon and ore deposits
  • Knowledge of raw material production including risk assessment
  • Provision of knowledge in field of energy resource management and renewable energy technologies

Environmental Management:

  • Detailed knowledge of environmental management
  • Knowledge of land management with consideration of landfills or brownfields
  • Detailed knowledge of both organic and inorganic environmental geochemistry
  • Detailed knowledge in determining the risk of mass movements using GIS-based analysis
  • Knowledge in recycling management and environmental assessment
  • Competencies for cooperation with civil engineers in the fields of groundwater catchment and groundwater management
  • Competences for cooperation with civil engineers in the fields of wastewater treatment and wasterwater management

The theoretical classes of both fields of specialisation are complemented by field trips, practical exercises on computer, and laboratory work. Completing the course of study is a Master's thesis in one of the fields of specialisation.