Description of the course of study


This course of study provides a unique geoscientific education with strong interdisciplinary character. Beside the natural scientific content, societal and business-related contents are taught with the result that geoscientists are trained to fill the interfaces between lawyers, politicians, businessmen, etc. with their professional knowledge. The master course of study “Georesources Management” provides deep knowledge of concepts and methods in the field of resource management and leads the graduates to high scientific qualifications and independency in this area of expertise. The course is aimed to impart competence in decision-making processes. Both in terms of management and resource management, but also in raw materials and environmental policy. Students are able to evaluate the potential of georesources from an area while taking geohazards and usage requirements into account.

They have got the skills to carry out overall analysis that takes economic environment as well as the ecological, sociological, technological and geological factors of environmental protection into account. In the elective courses, students receive a specialized geoscientific education. The graduates gain the qualification for scientific processing of geoscientific problems in economic and legal sciences.