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Applied Geophysics


Master of Science

Duration of Studies

4 semesters

  1. Semester: TU Delft (September – February)
  2. Semester: ETH Zürich (March – June)
  3. Semester: RWTH Aachen (October – February)
  4. Semester: Master's thesis: (March – August)

ECTS Credits


Start of Studies

Winter term (1st of September)

Application Deadline

April 1 (Please check the latest information on IDEA League website)


Bachelor of Science in a science or engineering related subject


ca. 40 students

Admission Requirements

Applicants may apply with a bachelor or intermediate diploma in geophysics, physics or geosciences, but also natural and engineering scientists with appropriate qualifications. Hence, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Geosciences and Georesources Management at RWTH Aachen University can continue directly with the Master of Science in Applied Geophysics.

The required technical education is described in the examination regulations. The determination that the entry requirements are met is made by the Examination Board.

English language skills are required

Scholarships Overview of available scholarships

Language of Instruction



Tuition fee (at TU Delft, June 2019):

  • ca. 2,000 Euro/year for EU/EFTA Students
  • ca. 29,000 Euro/year for Non-EU Students

More information on the tution fees:

The tuition can be compensated with a scholarship. More details about the individual scholarships and application procedures can be found here: IDEA League website

Application expenses (TU Delft): 120 €

More Information and active regulations

Examination regulations SPO 19 (starting October 1, 2019)

Curriculum (starting Ocotber 1, 2023)

Module catalogue

Examination regulations

Regulations and Study Guide