Structure of study at RWTH Aachen University


In the first semester you may select one of three specialisations within geoscienfic area:

Geoengineering (GIN):

  • Simulation and modelling of ground water flow and mass transfer, for example to calculate projects for ground water remediation or genaeral ground water analysis
  • Detailed knowledge in engineering geological features, such as nconsolidated and bed rock to analyse and estimate the interaction between the ground and building
  • Fundamental understanding of rock physics and proficiency for the analyzation and evaluation of geophysical well measurement and logs

Applied Mineralogy and Crystallography (AMC):

  • Detailed knowledge about origin, formation, and technical utilisation of mineral geomaterials
  • Overview of methods and practise in analysis and synthesis of materials
  • Profound comprehension of structure-feature-relation in crystalline solid objects

Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR):

  • Detailed knowledge of formation and structure of hydrocarbon deposits and mineral deposits
  • In-depth knowledge and methodical experiences in characterisation of reservoirs and seals based on petrophysical and geochemical methods
  • Basic understanding of techniques for numeric simulation in the field of hydrocarbon and ore deposits, including risk analysis and project work

A master's thesis in one of the specialisations completes the master course of study.