Applied Geosciences (B.Sc.)

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This course of study makes use of fundamental physics, mathematics and chemistry and establishes a science-oriented, geoscientific course of study.

In contrast to the course “Georesource Management” and “Applied Geography”, this course provides deeper knowledge in structure, dynamics and chemism of the earth as well as chemical, physical and mathematical methods for solving complex, geoscientific tasks. The master course of study “Applied Geosciences” with its specialization fields in Energy & Mineral Resources (EMR, in English), Applied Mineralogy and Cristallography (AMC, in English) and Geoengineering (GIN, in German), establishes as a non-consecutive Bachelor´s course of study of Applied Earth Sciences.

Additionally, the division of Geosciences and Geography (GuG) offers an international two-year programme which is called “Applied Geophysics” and is taught in English at the RWTH Aachen University, TU Delft and ETH Zürich.


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