Structure of study

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This unique Bachelor´s degree program offers its students an elementary education in natural sciences, economics and law, as well as the fundamental subjects of geosciences, geography, raw materials and environmental management. It leads to the first professional qualification Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) and provides the requested basic knowledge in field of Georesource Management which is necessary for practice in operational level.

The application-oriented course of study aims to impart interdisciplinary competencies in decision-making in field of business, resource and raw material and environmental policy. The students learn techniques and methods to analyse and evaluate basic data for spatial and regional planning and as well as industrial and settlement planning. Based on this, if follows the assessment of potential geo resources in a certain area, considering natural and anthropogenic georisks and competitive usage claims. The final overall analysis leads to the establishment of priorities regarding overall economic environment as well as the ecological, sociological, technological and geological factors of environmental protection.


In the first year of the undergraduate studies, the basics of mathematics, physics and chemistry are taught. The program is accompanied by field seminars that continue also in the second year of study. Afterwards it follows an introduction to various disciplines with focus on geosciences and economic and legal sciences. In the final third year of the Bachelor´s degree, a specialization in four of six sections takes place:

  • Water
  • Geothermal energy and geophysics
  • Introduction to pedology
  • Mineral deposits
  • Petroleum and environmental geochemistry
  • Georisks

A bachelor thesis in one of these sections completes the course of study in the sixth semester. A occupational internship of four weeks outside of the university is required. There is the opportunity to do an international semester at one of the European partner universities (ERASMUS) during the Bachelor course of study.