Description of the course of study


By realising the natural science course of study “Georesource Management”, a unique academic training with interdisciplinary character was created in Germany. In addition to the natural sciences of the course (mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, mineralogy), business-related, socio-scientific and legal-scientific contents are taught so that geoscientists are trained for the first time to fill the interfaces between lawyers, politicians, businessmen, etc. with their professional knowledge. The term “Georesources” encompasses all resources that serve as the basis of life for the modern human society. Its extensive use is strongly connected with human intervention in the Earth system. It includes raw materials (water, soil, mineral resources, energy resources, geothermal energy) and exploitation space (housing, agriculture, industry, transport, landfill) as well as climate and atmosphere in a broader sense.

Sustainable use of Georesources requires a management based on rules and experiences. This management includes the consideration and limitation of possible impacts of unavoidable geohazards (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis) in well populated regions, as well as the intervention in the Earth system (environmental and climatic changes). Exploitation of raw material on the one hand and protection of human habitats as well as the reconstruction of the natural equilibrium on the other hand, are fields of Geosciences that gain in importance and can contribute in the future of humanity.

The complexity of the course and its associated questions require a networked approach in solution finding process. The combination of geoscientific knowledge and other scientific and technical fields is inevitable. This is the reason why this course is oriented interdisciplinary. It is based on a cooperation between classical geosciences and geography respectively economic geography, raw material and waste disposal technology. Furthermore, economics and legal sciences as well as civil engineering are important contents of the course.

The Master’s program „Georesources Management“ with its majoring in „Resource Management“ and „Environmental Management“ and the Master’s program „Applied Earth Sciences“ with its majoring in „Energy & Mineral Resources“ (in English), „Geomaterials“ (in English) and „Geophysik-Hydrogeologie-Ingeniergeologie“ (in German) build upon a bachelors program in Applied Earth Sciences respectively Georesource Management as non-consecutive courses. Additionally, the division of Earth Sciences and Geography provides an international Master’s program called „Applied Geophysics” (in English), which is taught at the RWTH Aachen University, TU Delft and ETH Zürich.