The SPE Student Chapter introduces itself- Interview with Joshua Anyaeji

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Joshua Anyaeji is president of the SPE Student Chapter at RWTH Aachen University. In the following interview, he talks about the chapter's work and the much-discussed future of the oil and gas industry.

Hello Joshua! What are you studying and why did you choose the RWTH Aachen University as your current university?

I am studying Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) in the Master’s program Applied Geosciences. I chose RWTH Aachen University because it is a renowned research institute and there are offered a lot of modules, that are intricately linked to the Oil and Gas topic. And of course, it is one of the best universities in the field of Engineering and Geosciences in Germany.

Could you please explain the work of the SPE Student Chapter at RWTH Aachen in a few words?

The SPE Student Chapter at RWTH Aachen is an association that helps to build a bridge between the students and the professionals in the Oil and Gas sector. It helps to give students knowledge about innovative technologies in the Petroleum industry. Once you are member, it provides you with the latest news of the Oil and Gas sector and information about the assessment. You also get access to important publications.

How many members does the SPE Student Chapter have? What are the advantages of being a member of the SPE Student Chapter? Who can be member of the Student Chapter? Are there any requirements?

The SPE Student Chapter got about 68 members. As a student you have the privilige to benefit from the experience of young professional programs. Everybody, who is interested and wants to know more about the Petroleum industry, can join. For students, the membership is free.

There are many opportunities to develop your skills through SPE programs.

  • Student's integrations which includes our Ambassador lecture program (ALP), Petro bowl competitions and Student paper contest (STC).
  • Communications which include our Young Professionals Networking (SPE CONNECT) and YP Video library.

Students and Young members can also benefit from our e-Mentoring program, Scholarships, and awards. Furthermore, international students who are members can get nominated for DAAD prize award if they are volunteering for the SPE.

What events have you already done and what events do you have planned (in the next two semesters)?

We, the new SPE Board, are quite fortunate, that despite the Covid 19 pandemic we get hold of the major companies in the Oil and Gas industry. We recently completed our online seminar with Wintershall DEA. In this online seminar, we learned a lot about energy transition. Due to the pandemic we had to do most of our programs online, but we are already planning events in presence.

What does the future hold for future Petroleum Engineers? Are there good prospects?

I believe that the future is bright for future Petroleum Engineers, Geoscientist and related fields, because there will still be jobs. I recently saw an article in the Journal of Petroleum Technology that said that the Norwegian government will boost greener energy but won’t stop Oil and Gas development in the next 50 years. There will always be a demand for energy, so Petroleum Engineers and geoscientists will still be needed in the future. But of course, we try to diversify the topics from Oil and Gas to other clean energy.

When will the next event take place?

The last event was held on June 23 at 6 pm. The topic was "Norwegian Continental Shelf Hydrocarbon Exploration in a nutshell." Geophysicist Wibi Aulia Harsum gave a presentation. There was also a prize for the best questions from the participants. We will inform the students about the next event by Facebook and by mail.