Heitfeld Award Ceremony 2019


Heitfeld awardees 2019



Title of Thesis Institute
Dissertation Dr. Lisa Krienen Experimental Investigation of Gas Transport and Storage Processes in the Matrix of Gas Shales LIH
Master'sThesis Sebastian Amberg, M.Sc. 3D seismic-reflection interpretation and well-log analysis of the Cretaceous in the subsurface of the Adele Trend, Browse Basin, NW Australia GIA
Master'sThesis Jan von Harten, M.Sc. Geostatistical modeling in deformed grids: Kriging with a non-Eucledian distance metric CGRE
Master's Thesis Lisa Winhausen, MSc lnfluence of columnar joints on normal fault geometry and evolution - an analog modeling study GED

Images Heitfeld arward ceremony 2019