Heitfeld-Preisverleihung 2019


Heitfeld-Preistragende 2019



Titel der Arbeit Institut
Dissertation Dr. Lisa Krienen Understanding deep groundwater flow systems to contribute to a sustainable use of the water resource in the Mexican Altiplano LIH
Masterarbeit Sebastian Amberg 3D seismic-reflection interpretation and well-log analysis of the Cretaceous in the subsurface of the Adele Trend, Browse Basin, NW Australia GIA
Masterarbeit Jan von Harten, M.Sc. Geostatistical modeling in deformed grids: Kriging with a non-Eucledian distance metric CGRE
Masterarbeit Lisa Winhausen, M.Sc. lnfluence of columnar joints on normal fault geometry and evolution - an analog modeling study GED

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