Incoming Exchange Students

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Welcome to Aachen and the Division of Earth Sciences and Geography of the RWTH Aachen University! We are delighted that you are considering to spend an important part of your academic career at our department. We hope you will feel at home on our campus and enjoy a formative episode in your life, gaining both intellectual and cultural inspiration.

The Department of Earth Sciences and Geography is part of the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering together with the Department of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering, as well as the Department of Material Science and Engineering. The faculty is dedicated to the process chain raw material source - extraction - finishing - further processing - disposal.

Our department combines the study of Earth Science and Geography. Each institute of the department is dedicated to a special subject within earth sciences and geography. The aim of earth sciences and geography is to understand the complex system "Earth" with its numerous subsystems. How do natural and man-made changes affect the behaviour of this system? How is the system networked and what feedback mechanisms exist? Which strategies and options are available for the sustainable use of geo resources (energy, raw materials, water, food) and which spatial conditions are important for the economy ?