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Leave of Absence

According to the legal requirements of the Higher Education Act, students may take a semester of leave for important reasons. One such important reason is a stay at a foreign university or an internship (abroad).

The comprehensive examination regulations allows students to complete examinations at RWTH Aachen even during a semester of leave. Therefore:

  • Advantage: Does not count towards the standard period of study
  • Disadvantage: No field courses may be attended at RWTH during the semester of leave.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Student Registry Office.



All forms of study abroad are eligible for funding. Due to partnerships with foreign universities (except in the USA and Canada), you do not have to pay tuition fees when studying abroad, but you will also need money during your semester abroad. How much depends on your country of destination.

In order to support your stay abroad financially, there are various possibilities, which are explained in more detail by the International Office.

In addition, stays abroad in Europe can be funded through Erasmus+: