Exchanger Stories


It's very easy to get outgoing alumni to rave. The best way to do that is to ask them about their time abroad. In the Exchanger Stories, we want to give our former exchange students a voice to tell about their experiences abroad while studying at the Department of Geosciences and Geography.

Perhaps their stories will inspire a bit of wanderlust, and perhaps they will make you consider a study abroad experience yourself. After all, no one does a better job of promoting an exchange than outgoing alumni. But read for yourself!

Luisa and Charlotte at the lake at sunset Copyright: © L. Helm

Never-ending Sunsets in Umeå

During her Master's degree in Georesources Management (GRM), Luisa was drawn to Scandinavia. She had decided to study abroad under the Erasmus program at Umeå Universitet in Sweden and spent the summer semester of 2020 there. Although most of her semester abroad fell during the Corona pandemic, she looks back on a thoroughly positive experience. read more

Julia next to Oman letters Copyright: © J. Schmitz

Desert, mountains or beach? Oman internship!

Julia completed her Master in Energy and Mineral Resources (AGW) at RWTH in February 2021 and is now a PhD student at the Institute of Tectonics and Geodynamics. During her studies, she lived in Oman for 6 months to do an internship at GUtech in Muscat. She describes her stay in Oman as a wonderful experience that has helped her personally tremendously and from which she takes a lot for the future. read more

Copyright: © L.Greiner

Full bars and Spanish serenity in Andalusia

Lennart spent two semesters of Georesources Management Bachelor's at the Universidad de Granada in the south of Spain and was surprised by the exclusively face-to-face lectures, many field trips and the unique Andalusian culture and nature. more