Desert, mountains or beach? Oman internship!

  Julia next to Oman Letters Copyright: © J. Schmitz  

Julia completed her Master in Energy and Mineral Resources (AGW) at RWTH in February 2021 and is now a PhD student at the Institute of Tectonics and Geodynamics. During her studies, she lived in Oman for 6 months to do an internship at GUtech in Muscat. She describes her stay in Oman as a wonderful experience that has helped her personally tremendously and from which she takes a lot for the future.

Julia became aware of the internship in the Geology Department through a friend who was at GUtech himself. In addition, she already knew a student from Oman through her Hiwi job, who told her about her home country. After an information evening about GUtech in Humboldt House, it was clear to Julia that she definitely wanted to go there. The application process was quite straightforward, she got the acceptance and flew to Muscat in September 2019. Already on the way there, she met another intern.

The interns at GUtech support the lecturers of the different departments in their teaching. They are all housed near the university in a large house and usually share their room with one or two roommates. That took some getting used to at first, but you come to terms with the situation and quickly make friends, says Julia. Above all, you learn to be patient, communicate well and react more calmly in stressful moments. After arriving, one takes care of a rental car together with other interns in order to be mobile for shopping, small trips after work or on the weekend.

In the geology department, Julia was able to choose subjects from the Bachelor's programs and help out with exercises and on excursions, for example. She chose Paleontology, Hydrogeological Modeling and Remote Sensing and had about 3 weeks after her arrival to prepare herself, which she enjoyed very much. In addition, she voluntarily attended some interesting courses herself, such as Geology of Oman.

In her daily life, Julia spent the day at the university, preparing and holding classes, attending lectures, doing corrections and supervising students. In the afternoons, she often went to the GUtech gym and played a lot of badminton or table tennis. Otherwise, she cooked with her friends, went shopping, to a mall or souq, or tested the incredibly delicious local food. On weekends, she usually went on trips in the area in groups, such as camping in the mountains, on a beach or in the desert, snorkeling or hiking. From this, one of her fondest memories is when she went to the desert with a group of Omanis and interns, where they had a barbecue, made a campfire and went quad biking through the sand. Julia will also never forget the starry sky, the sky glow and the sunrise.

To interested students, Julia would say that they should definitely take the experience. The new culture and different living situation helped her grow personally. Despite the cultural differences, she always felt very comfortable and ultimately visited a wonderful country with hospitable people and very good food. She says you can benefit a lot from an internship at GUtech. For Julia, this was definitely not the last stay in Oman, because she wants to travel more of the diverse country.