(Online) Learning Agreement


Starting with winter semester 2021/22, studying abroad is to be prepared with the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). Among other things, this is part of the Erasmus without paper initiative. The OLAs are created by the outgoing students themselves using the OLA website. The Sending Responsible Person of the department also checks and signs them digitally.

Help with filling out the OLA

The OLA platform can be accessed via the RWTH's single sign-on. OLAs can be created, viewed, and edited on the starting page. The OLA is created in six steps, which you can click through from left to right. You enter your personal data as well as data about the Sending Institution (RWTH) and the Receiving Institution (university abroad).

As responsible persons please name the following:

Please make sure that the information is correct.

On page 4, Table A contains all courses you would like to attend at the host university. In Table B, courses are entered that will be recognized at RWTH if successfully passed. If courses are only attended virtually, these are to be indicated on page 5 in Table C. For the regular Erasmus study stay this table can be left blank.

On the last page, the OLA must be signed and sent. Once the OLA has been sent, it cannot be edited at this point. Subsequently, the OLA will be reviewed by the Sending Responsible Person and either signed or rejected, for example, if too few courses have been taken. After rejection, you can re-edit it.

Once the OLA has been signed by all three parties (you, Sending and Receiving Responsible Person), there is an option to make further changes. To do this, an "OLA Changes" button will appear on the home page of the platform. This becomes relevant if, for example, you want to take other courses after arriving at the host university.