Earth Sciences


In the field of Earth Sciences, there are two Bachelor's and four Master's degree programs. The Master's programs of Applied Geosciences and Georesources Management are each divided into specializations.

Please note that you can choose out of several English-taught courses in the higher semesters of the B.Sc. area and in all these M.Sc. programs (altough German is given as main language of instruction for some programs). Four M.Sc. degree programs or specializations are taught entirely in English.

Degree Programs Study Plan Specialization Main Language of Instruction
Applied Geosciences B.Sc RWTHonline - German
Georesources Management B.Sc. RWTHonline - German
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. RWTHonline Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) English
Geoengineering (GIN) German
Applied Mineralogy and Crystallography (AMC) English
Georesources Management M.Sc. RWTHonline Environmental Management (UMA) German
Resources and Energy Management (REM) German
Applied Geophysics M.Sc. RWTHonline - English
Engineering Geohazards M.Sc. RWTHonline - English