Blended Learning indicates the connection between the classical form of classroom teaching and e-learning elements. In this context, „face-to-face“ events in which lecturers and students work together at one place (lectures, seminars, tutorials) are complemented by digital media, online tools and virtual learning surroundings. This should be implemented in a focused way what means that classroom teaching and online-contents should be coordinated didactically appropriate in order to take advantage of the two teaching and learning approaches and compensate for the disadvantages of both.  

The Division of Earth Science and Geography is engaged in line with the Blended Learning initiatives of RWTH Aachen. At the beginning of the measures in November 2014, we established the positions of Blended Learning representatives who are supported by a research assistant. In close collaboration with the lecturers, the team supports a sustainable and appropriate implementation of e-learning and e-teaching techniques in the Division. This includes, among others, consulting in accordance with specific lectures and supporting the preparation, realisation and evaluation of the success of the measures.