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Dieter Krott - Life in Doha

After graduating from school in 2006, Dieter started studying Applied Geosciences at RWTH Aachen University. During and after his B.Sc. he did internships at WintershallDea (then RWE Dea) in Hamburg before starting the EMR Master's degree. He was also able to do his master's thesis with a focus on log interpretation and formation evaluation at the DEA in Hamburg and was also taken over as a geophysicist after his M.Sc. In 2015 he had the chance to work as a project manager in Qatar in the area of "Hydrocarbon Spill Treatment". After about a year the project was successfully completed, but Dieter wanted to continue working in the Middle East and gained knowledge in the field of business development. Since 2018 he has been coordinating the activities of ROGII, an IT and service company specializing in geosteering and real-time drilling operations in Quatar, Kuwait, Oman and Iraq.

Life in Doha is very different from that in Aachen (what you miss most is the cathedral and the "Pontstraße" anyway). However, both cities have their own charm and after a long time in the desert, Dieter and his family have found a second home.