Happy Camels


Malte Giesenow - Happy Camel

In 2011, Malte received his bachelor's degree in Georesources Management (GRM) and, after successfully completing his master's degree in GRM, also completed his master's degree in GRM. During his Master's degree in Raw Materials Management (ROM), he completed his master's thesis at the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE) with Prof. Lottermoser on sustainability in the mining sector.

Originally, he had no concrete plans for after graduation, but it was clear from an early age that he was particularly interested in sustainability in the raw materials industry. At the beginning of his Master's degree programme, he spent a semester in Mongolia as part of an internship at the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The "Integrated Mineral Resource Initiative" project, which he is working on, supports the partner institutions in pursuing raw material-based and economically sustainable development. After completing his internship abroad, Malte moved back to the Central Asian country a few months later, this time returning with a backpack full of Mongolian camel-haired socks.

The souvenir for friends and family became a business idea. In October 2016, he registered a business – so happy camel was founded and has grown steadily since then. He obtains the products directly from the manufacturers from Mongolia, who export them to Germany via a logistics company. Especially through family support, it is possible to expand the company further and further. Malte's sister – the graphic designer Karen Giesenow – is responsible for the graphic all-round support of happy camel. His parents support him in sending the orders.

Since March, Malte has been employed at the Geographical Institute and has been involved in a Mongolian project in cooperation with GIZ.